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How You Can Use Draconic Astrology to Better Understand Your Soul

From Babylonian times, this form of chart reading has served as a way to learn more about your true or higher self; however, the practice was long forgotten until recently, when astrologers revived the ancient study once again over the past decade. The word draconic comes from the Latin names for the Lunar Nodes: the dragon’s head, or the Lunar North Node, named Cauda, and the dragon’s tail, or the Lunar South Node, named Draconis. Unlike tropical zodiac birth charts, draconic astrology begins with the North Node at zero degrees Aries. The chart does not begin with the North Node at the Vernal Equinox, like mainstream natal chart readings;  instead, the North Node is essentially the beginning of a natal chart, creating a deep connection with how your soul and your draconic chart functions. The North Node rules over past lives, your life’s purpose and how you execute your life’s mission. Because both natal and draconic charts have influence and insight into your node placements, reading the charts together (or purchasing a reading) gives perspective into the two sides of the mind. There are two different lenses from which you can understand draconic astrology: a reincarnation lens to further grasp your higher self through one-life philosophies, such as karma and the unconscious, or a reincarnation lens to not only connect with your past lives, but also your higher self. Draconic charts represent the higher self before it meets the physical body or personality, and through that, the flavor of astrology helps understanding in your higher and lower mind. The higher mind is ruled by your draconic chart, and also the underlying layer to how you know yourself through your natal chart. Comparing the two is endlessly helpful in gaining a deeper understanding of your holistic self.

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